Marcus and I went for a 4-day ski tour in the mountains of Jämtland in early April, carrying only essentials and staying in mountain huts. Our primary goal for the trip was to go to the renowned mountain hut Gåsen, a remote and simple cabin with no electricity or running water, but with a 360-degree view of nothing but mountain peaks.

We experienced both full days of 30 knots upwind and snowfall, as well as clear blue skies and perfect conditions.

I took the night train from Gothenburg to Undersåker, where Marcus picked me up by car. We continued to Vålådalen where we put our skies on and started to hike towards Stensdalsstugan.


We accidentally bumped into an old friend of Marcus, Josef, and his girlfriend who joined us from Stensdalen to Gåsen. We had a short break in the Stäntja hut halfway through.

The Stäntja mountain hut

The conditions were quite harsh in the Bunnerfjällen with up to 40+ knots wind.

Marcus and Josef pushing hard through the heavy wind

We finally made it to Gåsen, a place with a few huts with no running water or electricity. The small hut to the right is the dry toilet, to which you had to dig your way to every morning.

We passed Härjången on our way back towards Vålådalsstugorna. A short but memorable trip – we will be back!