On the run

In early September 2022, we jumped on the night train towards the mountains of Jämtland with only light running packs on our backs. The route was planned ahead, crossing between mountain huts carrying only some extra clothes and band-aids. The goal was to keep a fast pace and climb as many peaks as we could on our way. Did we succeed on any of it? Nah.

We took the night train to Enafors

Endless fields of heather

A curious reindeer carefully watching me passing by

Crossing the Gåsån

Perfect running paths in the birch woods

Approacing the first mountain hut of our trip – Gåsen

On of the cabins at Gåsen

The hosts welcomed us with warm lingonberry soda

The mountain hut ‘Gåsen’ is simple with no electricity or running water

Descent morning view from the common kitchen area

Climbing the Helags mountain

The guestbook on the peak of Helags

The view from Sylarna over the mountains of Jämtland leaving you speachless